Reid Takes A Lead

July 21st, 2010

A pair of polls now has Harry Reid leading in his matchup against Sharron Angle.

Last week Harry Reid jumped out to a lead against Sharron Angle in the Las Vegas Review Journal poll and yesterday’s Public Policy Polling survey (a well respected–but Democratic party affiliated–polling group) confirmed that lead.

I have been watching this race like a slow motion train wreck. I want to look away, but I just can’t.

Harry Reid’s numbers seem to pretty static and (with the exception of the PPP poll) he hasn’t been able to cross the 44% threshold, but many pundits have said that that he doesn’t necessarily need to since there are a number of third party candidates, one Tea Party of Nevada candidate and an option to vote “none of the above” in Nevada.

There are many indications that this is exactly what many Nevadans would like to do this election, with Harry Reid’s numbers in the toilet for more than a year and Sharrron Angle’s support cratering in the weeks since she has won the campaign and Nevadans have increasingly found out just how out of the mainstream her positions are.

There are so many interesting dynamics at play here. Reid was doing so badly that the Tea Party activists thought this would be a place to make a stand, dumping money into the race and boosting Angle’s candidacy in the hope that Nevadan’s were so sick of Harry Reid that they would be able to overlook Sharron Angle’s wacky past.

It’s a tactic that reminds me of the 2008 election when I was initially more than a little skittish about nominating a black man with the middle name of Hussein as the nominee, even though many believed that winning the Democratic nomination was tantamount to winning the presidency. Eventually Obama proved himself through the primaries, we all started to believe he could pull it off and the rest is history.

But Sharron Angle is no Barack Obama.

It’s not just the fringe libertarian views, but the fact that she doesn’t seem confident in espousing them to people who aren’t Harley riding Tea Party activists.

This one should be the most entertaining of the bunch this year.

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3 Responses to “Reid Takes A Lead”

  1. Pete Carnival (NY-R) Says:

    As far as this race, I hope we don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this November. This is coming from the token Republican on this blog.

    Phil where is your Uncle???

  2. Milazz Says:

    I love it. Nothing I’d like better than for the Republican party to self immolate with matches taken from the Tea Party’s cigarette package.

    Yes, my Uncle has been suspiciously silent on this forum (although he’s e-mailing me every day with new things I am supposed to be outraged about).

    I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon.


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