Christine O’ Donnell for Senate!

September 14th, 2010

Democrats are heartened by a new poll that came out this weekend showing Tea Party Favorite Christine O’ Donnell leading Mike Castle in the Republican primary for Joe Biden’s old Delaware Senate seat by a 3 point margin. 

Castle is a moderate GOP Congressman and former Governor of Delaware who was generally considered a shoe-in for the Senate seat. O’ Donnell is an also-ran whose previous occupations have included conservative issue advocacy, lobbying Congress on moral issues and marketing for Christian movies such as the Passion of the Christ. However, she is probably best known for her public statements in opposition to mastrubation during the 1990′s.

Oh, and she also has a number of reports of financial improprieties in previous campaigns, owes a significant amount of back taxes and apparently has a pretty strong sense of paranoia about people out to get her.

With help from a fat cash infusion from the Tea Party and some magic pixie dust sprinkled by Sarah Palin, O’ Donnell has surged into a lead and made tomorrow’s race too close to call. To get a sense of the impact an O’ Donnell nomination might have on the general election, Nate Silver recently ranked this race as an 94% chance of a Republican pickup, assuming a matchup of Mike Castle and County Executive Chris Coons. If O’Donnel wins, that chance decreases ever so slightly to 16.3%. PPP hasn’t released their general election polling yet, but has indicated that Coons does about 26 points better against O’ Donnell than against Castle.

While some commentators have opined on what bad things this race says about both political parties and the country as a whole, Democrats will take the help wherever they can get it this year.

In the meantime, Delaware Republicans need to decide whether they would rather punish moderates or win elections. In this case, I’m all for the former. 

Sharron Angle has been such a joy to behold this year. Here’s hoping the Tea Party hands us another one tonight.

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