eMeg Smackdown

October 4th, 2010

Read about this little exchange in the California Governors debate this weekend, but it’s hard to really get until you watch the clip.

It might have been a good strategy to attack the messenger here, but attacking Jerry Brown personally for the mistakes that she and her husband made with regards to her undocumented maid seems like a bridge to far. 

eMeg’s attacks flailed and Brown’s counterpunches were pretty damn devastating.

I’m not really too concerned with the specific allegations about Meg’s maid, but it sure seems like bad strategy not to have dealt with this in advance (when–as one analyst noted, it would have been a page 8 story instead of a page 1 story)…and the people who orchestrated this timed it beautifully, putting eMeg in front of a statewide broadcast on Spanish language TV when the allegations are fresh on everyone’s mind. Talk about Hardball.

Not sure if this was shown on English news stations, but you can be sure that a large number of Latinos were in front of the TV waiting to hear how eMeg defended herself on this one.

As Calbuzz.com opined:

The Univision alleged simulcast translation into English was so poorly engineered, there won’t likely be too many TV clips in English. But in Spanish, watch out. Latinos who had been flirting with Whitman are likely, Calbuzz thinks, to default to the guy who marched with Cesar Chavez and dated Linda Rondstadt.

We can hear the conversation around the kitchen table: “Maybe he’s un poco loco, but at least he doesn’t accuse the help of stealing the mail.”

For more on this exchange and the rest of Calbuzz’s coverage of the debate, check here.

Unclear of this is a game changer, but it’s not good news for eMeg to be trailing Jerry by a few points with a month to go after having spent close to $150 million of her own money trashing him for over a year.

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