Field Poll: Newsom Leads, Kamala in Trouble, Prop 19 Support Fading

October 31st, 2010

Here’s the Field Poll’s results on the down ticket races and the propositions.

Newsom is up over Maldonado by 5, 42-37%, and looks to be in good shape.

SF DA Kamala Harris leads LA County DA Steve Cooley by only 1 point, 39-38%, with 19% undecided. She can still pull it off, but that fact that California’s Democratically inclined voters haven’t made up their mind on her is a sign that she’s vulnerable.

Prop 19, to legalize the demon weed, is now behind 49-42%. Recent analysis has shown that there may be some “reverse Bradley effect” in which people responding to surveys conducted by an actual person might be underestimating support for the initiative, but this may be wishful thinking. I do know that this thing’s generating a lot of excitement from people I know (both Democrats and Republicans).

Prop 23, which would gut California’s greenhouse emissions law is behind, 48-33%.

And in somewhat of a surprise, Prop 25, to remove the 2/3 majority for budget approval, is leading 48%-31%.

Hopefully this one will pass. Perhaps the voters are finally getting that the fact we don’t have a budget for months on end in this state is related to the fact that 2/3 of an extremely polarized legislature has to agree on something before it happens.

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