Feingold’s Last Stand

November 1st, 2010

All indications are that Russ Feingold’s going down.

The man whose been called the Senate’s True Maverick by the Nation magazine is on the verge of losing his reelection battle.

I heard someone on MSNBC say earlier this week that this is the thing about wave elections: good people lose, and by extension, bad people (see Sharron Angle) win.

I’ve made peace with the Grand Old Tea Party taking over the House. What I haven’t made peace with is seeing people who have a history of bucking the special interests lose elections in a wave of anger at the people who are bought off by the special interests.

What I haven’t made peace with is people like Sharron–I want to abolish the EPA, the Department of Energy and the UN–Angle being sent to the Senate to represent our country while people like Russ Feingold get sent home.

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