Republican Wave Crashes in Western States

November 4th, 2010

Well, there’s not much silver lining to find in the largest loss of House seats since the Truman Administration, but I’m glad for a few things today:

My home state bucked the trend, returning former Governor Jerry Brown to the Governor’s Mansion as well as Barbara Boxer to the Senate and electing every Democrat on the statewide ballot (Kamala Harris leads Steve Cooley for AG by only 10,000 votes out over 6 million cast). Although legalizing pot went down by a surprisingly large margin, Californians did defeat a measure to gut the state’s greenhouse gas emission law and another measure to (finally) allow the state budget to pass with a majority vote…I’m just glad that Meg Whitman will no longer be on my TV during every commercial break.

In fact, most of the West bucked the trend, with Patti Murray looking like a winner in Washington, Harry Reid beating Angle in Nevada and Bennet beating Buck in Colorado.

The Reid victory is particularly sweet. I’m no fan of Reid (I’d trade him for Russ Feingold in a minute), but I’m sure as hell glad that I won’t have to deal with media coverage of Sharron Angle for another 6 years.

More on these races and the growing importance of Latino voters later.

Democrats keeping the Senate by a number of votes is also a nice surprise. You know it’s bad when you’re celebrating that you only lost 6 Senate seats instead of 10, but we’ll take whatever we can get at this point.

Lots more in the days to come on the short and long term effects of this election.

In the meantime, I’m getting some much needed shut eye.



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