Please Nominate This Man

February 21st, 2012

Just one of the totally off the wall things that Rick Santorum has said over the past few days, including saying President Obama’s political positions are based on a  “phony theology…not a theology based on the Bible” and comparing voting for Democrats in this election cycle to early 1940′s appeasement of Hitler.

Add that to Santorum’s past comments about contraception and women in combat, last week’s House hearing on health care, birth control and religion, where only men were called to testify, the “trans-vaginal ultrasound” bill proposed by the VA legislature, and the comments by Santorum’s Sugar Daddy that women wouldn’t need to worry about contraception if they just kept their legs closed. It almost seems like the GOP is intentionally trying to lose this election.

I’m sure they’ll be fine, though. Women can’t be much more than 50% of the electorate this year, right? As long as they can get close to 100% of the men, they should be fine.

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