Operation Hilarity

February 28th, 2012

As I write this, we’re just over an hour away from poll closings in the state where Mitt Romney was born and the nation waits to see if he might lose, thereby throwing the race for the Republican nomination wide open. The race is so tight that Nate Silver’s election prediction model has forecasted a tie.

In an attempt to prolong the nomination process, Marcos Molitsas has started Operation Hilarity, which encourages Democrats to cross party lines and vote for Santorum in the Republican primaries. Some labor groups have jumped on Molitsas’ bandwagon, encouraging their members to vote for Santorum and against Romney. In a tight election, this could be the difference.

This Republican campaign has been an absolute disaster for the party, most recently with nominal front runner Mitt Romney averaging close to 3 gaffes a week in his attempt to seem like a regular guy, Rick Santorum continuing to squander the opportunity he has been given by consistently betraying his extreme worldview and President Obama’s approval numbers continuing to increase

Still, Alex MacGillis sounds a note of caution, pointing out that the emergence of a Republican White Knight (Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels or Paul Ryan) would be the worst case scenario for Democrats and that they should just let the wounded Romney win the nomination. Being a glass-half-empty person by nature, I’m sympathetic to this argument, but (for a number of reasons) I just don’t believe that’s going to happen this year and I’m willing to take the chance.

So I’ll be on my couch tonight with a big bowl of popcorn saying “Go Rick, Go.”

Let’s keep this baby going.

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One Response to “Operation Hilarity”

  1. SCOTUS Says:

    Why is it lately that the major topic of the 2012 Election is contraception? Don’t the Republican’s know that women vote too?