The Campaign of Hate

August 27th, 2012

Couldn’t resist a comment on Mitt Romney’s “Campaign of Hate” statement.

I get where Romnney’s coming from: He’s been outmatched and run around by Alexrod throughout this campaign, who has consistently taken advantage of every gaffe and misstatement, and hasn’t missed an opportunity to go after Republican nutjob surrogates throughout the campaign. I also get the whole division thing. Obama’s campaign is based on the George Bush and Karl Rove’s 2004 model that drove me crazy as I watched them use all the Guns, God, and Gay’s tricks they had up their sleeves against John Kerry.

But a Campaign of Hate? That’s taking things a little too far.

Remember, Romney’s a guy who has been running for president for 6 years, but has run such a negative campaign to get to this place that he has failed to offer a credible positive case for his candidacy. This is a guy who demolished Perry, Gingrich and Santorum with avalanches of negative ads anytime offered a serious challenge to him. It’s a guy who has spent more than a year traveling around the country bashing the president, who has made common cause with the worst demagogues of his party in order to boost his candidacy and who belongs to a party that has attacked this president with an unprecedented amount of partisanship, obstructionism and vitriol, regularly resorting to racist accusations that he wasn’t born in the United States and was a “secret Muslim” Manchurian candidate.

As I’ve said before about Mitt Romney, this guy has brass balls.

Of course, there was an easy counter for this: the president himself, who appeared his usual relaxed self with the First Lady on Entertainment Tonight from Iowa. Juxtaposing the clip of Romney with Barack and Michelle makes Romney’s speech laughable.    

No secret what’s going on here. Romney has realized that his normal “the economy is bad” attacks aren’t working and that his negative image probably isn’t going anywhere. Barring an ability to get his image out of the muck, Romney wants to bring the president down to his level.

Good luck to Romney on that one. The American people have had almost four years to see this president in action. He doesn’t bear any resemblance to the caricature that Republicans have tried to make out of him.

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