About Me

I am a long time San Francisco resident and a political junkie who has been writing about politics for years. My politics are left of center, but I’m skeptical of extremism on both ends of the spectrum.

I support a basic social safety net, but I think that we need to pay for the benefits that we receive and that continually running structural deficits is a recipe for disaster.  

I’m passionate about preserving and expanding civil liberties and defending against efforts to rollback those liberties, but I also understand that a war against non-state actors necessitates adjustments in the way we view those liberties.

While I support a strong military, I’m skeptical that we need to spend 12 times more than our closest rival to ensure our security.

I believe in negotiation and diplomacy as a first option, but as Neil Young said, 

“…I believe in love… but I believe in action, when push comes to shove.” 

I do have a Master’s in Political Science, but as Bob Dylan said,

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”