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Brown vs. Whitman Rd. 1

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The whole Meg and the Maid Scandal made last week’s debate old news, but here’s my comment on it.

About half way through the debate, my mom (a longtime Democrat) sent me a text message that read “It’s Meg by a mile. Jerry is kind of bumbling.” Two minutes later, my brother-in-law (a Republican) text messaged me: “Gotta say Brownie is taking the debate.”

I felt like it was an exercise in asymmetric warfare. Both seemed to do fine with their own strengths and struggle with the other’s. Whitman was organized and on offense against Brown, methodically scoring debate points, but about as dynamic as a white piece of paper. Brown was like a hyperactive kid, exhibiting lots of nervous energy and not always making the most coherent points, but certainly dispelling the idea that he was too old and didn’t have the energy for the job. Both stuck mostly to their talking points, with Whitman hitting Brown on his reliance on the unions to defend against eMeg’s over $120 million campaign and Brown countering that he was opposed to tax cuts for millionaires and billionares like eMeg.

The consensus seems to be that the two pretty much fought to a draw, but as my brother-in-law said, it “seem(ed) like she was talking from a flash card,” while Brown seemed much more likeable, even joking with the moderator about how he wouldn’t be running for president because of his age, quipping

Hell, if I was younger, you know I’d be running… I now have a wife. I come home at night. I don’t try to close down the bars in Sacramento like I used to do when I was governor of California.

In the end,  previous tendencies on the part of voters were probably confirmed by these debates. If you think that we need someone with a business background to run the state like a business, then eMeg is your woman. If you think that we need someone who has experience in politics, but also an independent streak and a keen intellect, then Jerry is your man. Aside from these personality issues that tend to dominate these debates, neither candidate is stepping up and offerring a coherent vision for how to fix a state that is broken on so many levels. As usual, we can only guess at what they would actually do once in office.