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Obama Takes a Lesson from Elizabeth Warren

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

At the risk of turning this space into an Elizabeth Warren admiration society, I need to post this one. This is one of the best defenses of liberalism that I have ever heard and it’s nice to see Obama taking the cue. Infrastructure, education, police protection, a dominant military to protect our economic interests abroad, all of these are part of the story of what has made America so successful over the years…and all of these things are brought to you by the government.

More on this later, but the lesson here is that Democrats need to learn how to defend their philosophy more effectively and aggressively. The things I listed above are centrist ideas that a large majority of Americans support, but they don’t come for free. They need to be paid for.

Elizabeth Warren Polls Ahead of Scott Brown

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

In a small ray of sunshine for the Democrats, a new poll shows Elizabeth Warren just ahead of Scott Brown in Massachusetts after announcing she was running less than a week ago. As Howard Fineman points out, the Dems are in real danger of losing the Senate next year, but this race provides an opportunity for them to at least take one seat back from the Republicans.

More importantly, if Warren’s campaign resonates, she will provide a template for what the election should be about: the Republicans are the party of the plutocrats. They might talk like good old boys and drink beer like them, but that’s just a facade. When the chips are down, they know who pays their bills and they will always side with the corporations against the regular folks.

It’s time for someone to tell the truth. And that person just might be Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren for Senate

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

In great news for progressives, it looks increasingly like Elizabeth Warren will be running for the Massachusets Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.

Warren was thrust into the spotlight 1n 2008 when she was appointed by Harry Reid to head the commission to oversee TARP (AKA the bank bailout). Soon after she was appointed, it was clear that she was no typical Washington bureaucrat and would attempt to use her position to do what she had made a carrer of: advocating in a straightforward way for the middle class against big business interests. Warren is now best known as the main advocate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was created in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. There was a strong progressive push on President Obama to nominate her to head that agency, but ultimately Obama decided to avoid a bruising nomination fight that he was likely to lose and instead hired her as a “special advisor” to setup the agency.

Now, with her work done to setup the agency, Warren is returning to Massachussets where the potential of a Senate bid went from rumor to consideration, and now seems a foregone conclusion with her announcement that she will set up an “exploratory committee” to look at a possible Senate candidacy. The speculation is that Warren will announce close to Labor Day.

Her entry into the ring brings the kind of start power that Democrats could need in order to knock off Scott Brown. Brown became a political star when he stunned the political establishment in early 2010 and took the seat that Ted Kennedy had held for over 40 years, putting an end to the 60 seat filibuster majority that was at the core of Harry Reid’s strategy to pass President Obama’s agenda.

Since he was elected, Brown has tried to occupy a middle ground in the Senate by breaking with the Republicans on a few high profile issues, but in most cases Brown has served as another reliable vote for Minority Leader McConnel’s Agenda of No. The release of a book in which he details a childhood history of abuse endeared him even more to the people of Massachussets and early this year, polls showed Scott Brown with approval ratings as high as 73% in Massachussets, polling better than both Governor Deval Patrick and Senator John Kerry in this solidly Democratic state.

But Warren’s rise from humble beginnings in Oklahoma to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year makes for a pretty inspirational life story as well, and the combination of plainspokeness, aggessiveness and a history of advocacy on behalf of the middle class gives her the opportunity to be a formidable candidate in 2012.

This will be one to watch.