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Brown-Whitman Debate Primer

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Here’s CalBuzz’s primer for tonight’s debate with Tom Brokaw as moderator. 

Look for eMeg to come out swinging. After spending close to $15o million of her own dollars to add this feather to her cap, this election seems to be slipping away like sand through her hands. She needs a game changer and Whoregate isn’t it.

In the meantime, look for Jerry to be on defense, not risking any aggressive attacks, but remaining ready to effectively counterpunch.

Aside from the theatrics and the politics, let’s also hope that Brokaw can force some substantive discussion that goes beyond the “you’re a career politician in the grip of the public employee unions” and “you’re a hypocritical shill for Republican millionaires and billionaires” themes we’ve seen in the debates to date. Increasingly California seems out of control and ungovernable. It would be nice to see some concrete plans to deal with this reality from either side.

eMeg vs. Gandalf

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Wanted to give a little plug to the website for their coverage of the California Governor’s race. As their About Page indicates, Calbuzz’s website  is run by two veteran California political reporters, Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts.

This little piece on the Whoregate kerfuffle is typical of their irreverent, but still substantial coverage. I prefer the more regal “Gandalf” for Governor Brown, but that Krusty the Clown image is pretty spot on as well.