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Legalize It

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

A new set of polls shows Proposition 19, the ballot initiative to legalize (non-medicinal) marijuana in California, surging ahead. Two polls in the past month, the Field Poll and a Public Policy Poll show the initiative ahead and the PPP poll shows it with over 50% of respondents in favor.

The initiative would legalize the possession of under an ounce of marijuana and allow the counties to set laws on the legality and taxation of marijuana sales. Here’s a link to more details (please excuse the Wikipedia).

I’m also linking to an article arguing in favor of the initiative (with none other than ” The Dude” as an expert witness).

There are many pro and con arguments to be bandied about on this, but the main one is that the health effects of alcohol and tobacco are in many ways worse than pot and given that these substances are not only legal, they are marketed to us non-stop in our media culture, the double standard doesn’t make much sense.

Plus, as far as I’m concerned, it’s nobody’s business what I put in my body as long as I’m not harming anyone else.

Either way, this is going to be an interesting one.